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Ep 73 – New Games & The Upcoming Releases

Episode 73. July 28th, 2016. Mike and Andrew once again join forces to discuss the most important things of the century…perhaps the entire world! Well, no, probably not that important. We talk about the new games we’ve been playing, as well as this current month’s PS Plus offerings and Games with Gold, as well as a discussion of the upcoming games for the rest of the year, per a question from our friend Icydude. There’s a definite surge of new releases pumping their way out towards the end of the year, and we talk about them based off what’s listed on GameStops website and whether or not we’re interested or would purchase them.

We’re trying to get back to the 2 podcasts per month schedule, and really do thank everyone for sticking with us this long. As we near episode 100, do keep in mind that we create content on YouTube, as well as some occasional Twitch livestreams that you can check out. You can also follow us on Twitter as well if you want to keep tabs on things.

As always, we’ll catch you on the flip.

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