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RYB Review (iOS)

RYB, or Red Yellow Blue is a mobile puzzle game made by FLEB. The name of the game is solving puzzles that are framed via geometric shapes and colored patterns, and each one gets a bit more complex as you complete them. 

The gameplay trailer gives you an idea of what the game is from a gameplay standpoint, but think of it as a simplistic, yet colorful mashup of a sort of “reverse-Minesweeper.” What I mean by that is that you’re usually staring at some geometric shape and in many cases they’re either solid colors or outlines, and you need to determine if it should be Red, Yellow, or Blue. That’s where the name RYB comes from.

You’ll see little colored dots inside some of the blocks, and based off those colors, you know what colored block is next to (or touching, depending on shape layout) that particular block. That’s where the “reverse” minesweeper comes in. Instead of in Minesweeper where you click a block to see the numbers of how many mines are touching it, the colors are visible and you need to properly color in the blocks adjacent to proceed through the puzzle. Match the correct color pattern based off the shapes (and a little deductive reasoning) to proceed. Make two wrong color placements (note the two black circles on the top left image below) and the puzzle resets. 

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As a puzzle game, it offers little to no tutorial or explanation, but the game is “simple” enough that a few tries at the initial puzzles and you’ll start to get the hang of it. The later puzzles become complex to the point where it isn’t frustrating, but does provide a pretty good challenge to correctly figure out (at least for me). The game has a good amount of puzzles for the $0.99 price point, but I think some might be disappointed by the lack of replay value. One thing to note is that as of July 13th there was an update to the game which added more puzzles, so props to the developer for continuing to push more content into this game. For those who thought the game might’ve been too short, or that there weren’t enough puzzles, you just got some additional puzzles to figure out.

All in all, for $0.99 it’s a really good buy if you’re interested in puzzle games, this is definitely one you should check out. Keep in mind this is FLEB’s first game, and for a buck it’s a great way to pass the time. Interested? It’s available on iOS now.

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Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)