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PSN Holiday Outage = 5 Days & 10% Off

The whole PSN/XBL outage of Christmas 2014 has been settled, and now Sony has made it’s offering to the community for the trouble. As you know, the DDoS attack on Sony and Microsoft’s servers rendered them pretty much offline for the better part of 3 days during Christmas. Because of this, Sony has offered up a 5-day extension on your PS Plus Service. If you have a trial, they’ll give you an additional 5-day trial. They’re also giving Plus members a 10% off voucher for one-time use on what appears to be anything on the PSN store. No exclusions were listed on the PSBlog post, so I assume that means anything goes, including 10% off PS Plus memberships.

It’s not bad, and I wrote a bit more lengthy post about this over at Radio PlayStation if you’re interested. For reference: 3 days = $0.42 worth of your PS Plus yearly subscription if you paid the $49.99. Getting an extra 2 days on top of what you should have anyways is awesome. The 10% coupon is actually better than the 5-days to me.

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Source: PlayStation Blog