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Ep 7 – 2014 Games of the Year, IRL Stuff, Year-End Shoutouts

December 31, 2014 – Ep 7 – The FINAL podcast of 2014 is the second longest (by less than a minute, could you believe it?) cast we’ve done and it’s a good one. At least, Mike and I think so. We discuss games of the year (courtesy of IGN’s game of the year nominees) and our opinions on it. We also end up talking about DDoS stuff with playstation/xbox issues this Christmas season. Lots of year end shoutouts and thanks to those who’ve helped us get to where we are right now (which is much further than we expected to get at all), so thanks to all of you (we couldn’t list everyone but you’re all awesome, especially our listeners! :D)


@itsRadioPS – RadioPlayStation is the website Andrew writes and streams for, so you should check that out. Thanks guys!

@cerajoy /@ziggyziggz /@thepvppodcast – Sarah and Dave of the PVP Podcast are two awesome friends and they run a fantastic podcast that you should check out. They also were super helpful with getting the podcast stuff set up, and also getting my butt in gear to make it happen. Thanks Sarah and Dave!

@paperbytheton – Ness is a fan of the PVP podcast and I got to meet her at PAX East this year. She’s also a friend of Sarah and Dave (how I met her) and has been wonderfully helpful with gaming journalism assistance. Thanks Ness! You’re awesome!

@mtong1 – Mike, my co-host and partner in crime. Without you, theres only half the Disconnected Gamers Podcast. Word up.

…and you. The reader of posts, the listener of our podcasts, the tweeter or tweets @thedgcast. You’re awesome. You’ve helped us to make this what it is. It’s not much, but we’re glad you’re along for the ride. To bigger and better things (hopefully), see you in 2015.

-Andrew and Mike, The Disconnected Gamers Podcast.