An Update of Sorts

Hey everyone! Andrew here, or Jbond, blue hat guy, whatever you fancy. I know you may or may not have noticed a lack on content on our end and for that I’m sorry.

Life can be weird sometimes and I find myself writing this only because at one point I do need to communicate with the people who check in on us through twitter, the podcast, and here on our site. I’ve been definitely preoccupied with life and the rigamarole of working a regular 9-5, and trying to maintain personal relationships as well. It’s not an excuse to why I haven’t been creating much content lately, but it is more just sort of how things go.

I miss creating content and Mike and I regularly talk about bringing the podcast back, and we’re going to. The episodes may be shorter, with less range of topics in the gaming world, but we want to get back to what we enjoyed the most: hanging out and talking about games with you all.

That said, I hope we can get a new episode of the podcast to you all soon, and we hope you’re all enjoying some new video game, or a classic video game.


Andrew (or Jbond, or Soafterisaid, or “hey blue hat guy”)