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PAX West Preview: Aftercharge

Aftercharge is a really intense 3v3 competitive battle game that shifts the dynamic of your traditional arena style competitive “shooter.” What makes Aftercharge so unique is that it pits two unstoppable forces against one another to see who can outlast the other, or destroy the others resources.

One side is invincible enemies, who can’t be killed, but their weapons require energy from harvesters that are located throughout the map. The goal for Enforcers is to ultimately protect these harvesters while they work together to disable all of the opposing Workonics.

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Workonics are invisible robots, and their goal is to destroy all of the energy harvesters, while evading the enforcers. Invisibility only lasts until you are detected by an Enforcer’s weapon or a throwable secondary item, or you attack an Enforcer or Harvester. Each Harvester requires several hits to fully destroy, so you really have to strategize how you approach each level. If you attack harvesters one by one, what you’re left with is one location that the Enforcers need to protect, and nowhere for you to regain your health (via the harvester energy as you punch it) to survive. If a Workonic is downed, they simply remain in a disabled state until another teammate gets close enough to revive them.

This is what makes Aftercharge so much fun. Players will need to balance their playstyles and adapt to their opponents throughout the match to win. Workonics in my opinion face more risk because they have to choose when and where to break invisibility, as that can increase the pressure on other players to go for other harvesters when the Enforcers try to go after the now-visible Workonic. Similarly, it can also force the players to spread out and cover more area, knowing that it’s unlikely Workonics would stay close enough together that they all get detected. It’s highly competitive and I can’t wait to see how players start to mesh together when playing in lobbies online.

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Having the opportunity to see this at PAX West recently further cemented how much fun this game is going to be for everyone who gets to play it next. The team at Chainsawsome has done an awesome job making consistent updates to the game and it looked fantastic when I got some hands on time with it. If you haven’t checked it out, please do yourself a favor and check it out.

Chainsawsome regularly holds weekend events, so you should be sure you’re following the Aftercharge twitter to make sure you can grab a Key and get yourself involved. The game will be launching January 2019, so you’ve got some time to sharpen your skills before then. 

Aftercharge Website | Aftercharge on Steam | Chainsawsome Twitter | Aftercharge Twitter

Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)