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Preview: Laser League

One of the cool things we got to play at PAX South this year was Laser League, the newest game from Roll 7, known for Not A Hero and the Olli Olli series. They are partnered with 505 Games on this project and it looks fantastic.

It’s a fast action, high energy competition arena game that will test your reflexes constantly. In a very Tron-esque environment you play in teams (2v2 and 3v3) to survive the longest and defeat your opponents. Each team has a color which occupies areas of the map that generate colored field bars that your opponents cannot breach without being eliminated. They rotate and move across the arena as you play, so you not only have to be paying attention to maintaining the dominance of the arena layout, but also watching out for sudden attacks from the other team which could leave you downed or eliminated from being unable to avoid a slowly approaching wall of digital death.

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It’s really exciting to play.

Each character (of the few we tried out) has a different skillset/perk that will help as you play the game. Choose between a mix of offensive and defensive attacks, a stun attack, blade attack, or the ability to steal the laser walls from your opponents and give yourself more playing field advantages. The steal is also incredibly helpful if the walls are closing in and you can change the field so that instead of being eliminated you have an opportunity to run and survive just a little bit longer. 

In addition to the gameplay and mechanics, I really can’t stress how smooth the game played. Everything about the visuals and the speed and player moment just felt good. Roll 7 and 505 Games really have something awesome here, and I think a lot of people are going to really enjoy how fast paced this game gets. 

We were able to play a few matches against another team and it got intense and everything tends to happen in a flash. It’s just an exciting game and I think a lot of people are going to enjoy this, especially if you like perpetually being in a sudden death style intensity matches.

laser league, roll 7, 505 games, intense multiplayer action, local multiplayer, co op online, laser walls,

One of the things that always gets me when games like this come out is they’re usually local multiplayer only. That won’t be a problem here because Laser League will have an online co-op mode in both 2v2 and 3v3 options. This is going to be insane. The matches can be super short, or go on for what feels like ages because of how tight everything gets as the walls start changing and closing in on you. It’s as exciting to watch as it is to play, and that’s just plain awesome.

Laser League is available now in Steam Early Access so be sure to check it out! Need more info? Check out the Laser League Website.

If you come across me in a match tweet me @soafterisaid and let me know!

Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)