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Double Dragon IV Now Out on PS4/Steam

Double Dragon is back! Double Dragon IV released on PS4 and Steam on January 30th, and is a well deserved return to the old school classic beat’em up you remembered as a kid.

The most recognizable change is that the game has gone back to it’s classic NES style graphics. What’s more, the game was developed with some of the key team members from 1987: Original Planner Yoshihisa Kishimoto, Designer Koji Ogata, and Composre Kazunaka Yamane. This next installation in the Double Dragon series is sure to get your fists pumping.

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The game is 1-2 players just like the original, and features split-screen or co-op via Share Play on PS4, or local co-op on Steam. There is also a duel mode where you can fight against your friends, to see which of you is the ultimate Double Dragon. Additionally, there is a tower mode in which you fight level by level until you are defeated. There are also additional character unlocks as you progress through story mode, that will be available in duel and tower mode as well.

At $6.99, it’s a must buy for anyone who’s a fan of the series, or classic 8-bit style beat’em up games. Again, it’s available for purchase now on PS4 and Steam. For more info, check out the game’s website here.

Developer: Arc System Works

Source: Strangely Compelling PR

Written by: Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)