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PAX West Preview: Lazer Type

Stop what you’re doing. Don’t even read this post. Seriously. Stop. What. Are. You….fine. Okay. Buckle up the VR headsets and let’s get into it.

LazerType. Yes, it sounds as awesome as it looks on the screen. It’s a typing game in VR and it makes Word Munchers look like a joke. THIS IS REAL LIFE. Words and letters come flying at you on screen and you’ve gotta look at them, type the words (correctly) and blast those letters into virtual hell! Okay, well maybe just like, sort of vaporize them with no satanic references whatsoever.

lazertype, new blood, vr typing game, virtual reality gaming, typing games,

I got the opportunity to test-drive it at PAX West and it was a blast. At first I was a bit nervous with all the neon colors + it being VR and the potential for motion sickness (as I’d had issues previously with bright colors/VR) and it was actually awesome. You’re generally not moving around too much aside from the side to side scanning for words so for those who might be a bit nervous about experiencing VR for the first time. Overall the demo probably was a few minutes (aka I managed to spell more than 4 words correctly) and 

Seriously though, it’s one of the most fun games I’ve played on VR yet and the benefit is it’ll probably make you better at typing since you can’t look at your own keyboard with the headset on. There is a virtual keyboard if you look down but you obviously still need to be moving quickly to spell correctly as the words start to stack up if you aren’t typing fast. 

And I know what you’re thinking, “A typing game!? Who wants a typing game?” and the answer is YOU. You want a typing VR game. It’s a super simple concept, but it actually really translates well into the VR sphere. From a learning standpoint I think kids would be more likely to want to play LazerType versus Mavis Beacon or Word Munchers.

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-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)