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4 The Birds Boardgame Now Available

Breaking Games’ newest board game 4 The Birds is now available! It’s a fun “line-up” style board game for up to 6 players that’s perfect for the whole family or your closest friends. 

From the Breaking Games website:

An amazing new game from designer Steve Ewoldt, 4 The Birds is a fun for the whole family! It’s the classic line-up game (four in a row or four in a square wins) with twists like a ‘pecking order’ among birds, non-player crows and hawks that scatter the flock and 6 powerful action cards per player that allow players to swoop in for a win. Fresh off Kickstarter, these cute bird pawns are ready to land on your table!

4 the birds, kickstarter boardgames, board games, family fun, bird board game, breaking games,

The game takes about 20-30 minutes to play, and it’s geared to ages 8 and up. First person to get four in a row, or a four-square wins. You may remember this game from it’s Kickstarter campaign, in which it successfully raised over $17,000 to bring this game to life.

4 the birds, kickstarter board game, breaking games, family board games, connect four like board game,

It’s now available for $40.00 from Breaking Games website. Enjoy!

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-Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)