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TinyBuild Releases One Troll Army for Free

TinyBuild is a great example of going “all-in” on their ideas. When Punch Club released, it was only after twitch was able to beat the game live. Their newest launch, One Troll Army, is releasing for FREE because twitch was able to beat them at their own game

So One Troll Army is a tower defense game in which you defend a fort as one giant troll. You can upgrade resources, recruit new helpers to fight with you, and fight waves of enemies. Managing your resources will be key to survival, so keep that in mind. The game was developed by Fly Anvil and published by TinyBuild, and this is not the first time TinyBuild has challenged its fans to beat their upcoming release. If you remember, PunchClub didn’t release on Steam until twitch managed to beat the game live. 

After an impressive battle, which you can watch on YouTube if you’d like, TinyBuild raised the white flag. It released on May 20th on Steam for free, because TinyBuild is awesome at engaging their fans and rewarding them for their efforts. Enjoy the highlight video below.

Source: TinyBuild

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)