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PAX East 2016: Graceful Explosion Machine

Remember We Are Doomed? Remember how rad it was? This is part two in the “Rad Games that Vertex Pop Makes” saga. Graceful Explosion Machine takes the same type of aesthetic and mixes it with Galaga and Defender in a schmup-like experience. Can’t wait.

So you’re this ship, and you’ve got an energy bar, and a set of weapons in your arsenal to attack the enemies. As you progress through levels you’ll unlock these additional weapons, which definitely will help you either escape from hectic moments or tackle multiple enemies at once without breaking a sweat. The game is like Galaga and Defender, but it’s also very Schmup like (shoot’em-up for those not familiar with the term). Each level wraps around itself, so on screen you could infinitely travel left or right, but the actual size of the map is shown in the top portion of your screen so you can see where enemies are located/spawned on the map. Defeat all the enemies, and you’re onto the next level. 

As such, each level in the demo I played introduced more enemies, and also more difficult enemies. You had your typical “roam around and try and hit you” guys, to your more advanced “seek you out and launch into you” baddies as well. A nice range of attacks that can come your way too, to help increase the necessity to take advantage of the various weapon types you have. Your typical blaster is great for direct fire on enemies in front of you, but the energy sword is a great way to thin the pack if you get mobbed by enemies. The sniper like weapon is great for quickly dispatching the more tank-y enemies that have more health, or quickly wiping out a group if they happen to be all crammed together. 

Final Thoughts: Man, I’m excited for this game. I was super excited about We Are Doomed because I dig old school arcade style shooters a lot. I’ve always been a retro gamer so games that harken back to those types of simple yet punishing mechanics always appeal to me. Plus the visual style between both Graceful Explosion Machine and We Are Doomed definitely add to the visual experience as you play. Can’t wait.

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Source: Vertex Pop

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)