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The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version now Available on Steam

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Delirium Studios has announced that The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version is available today on Steam for Windows and Mac. 

It’s a point and click adventure game, and focuses on player self-discovery as you help guide the player through everyday fears. The fears come to life as characters and puzzles in the game, and you’ll tackle them as you progress through it.

Delirium Studios co-produced the game with Spanish indie-rock band Vetusa Morla, who provided inspiration for the game and also created the soundtrack. The game also features 700 main character animations, over 170 conversations, and over 700 objects and characters within the impressive 1500+ illustrations that bring The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version to life. 

It’s available now on Steam for PC and Mac (available on Wii U as well), so if you’re into point and click adventure games give it a look.

Developer: Delirium Studios | Purchase on Steam

Source: Strangely Compelling PR

-Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)