Jackbox Games Quiplash Available Now!

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The party game maker famous for the You Don’t Know Jack series, Jackbox Games, has released their newest party game Quiplash.

Successfully Kickstarted, Quiplash takes party games to a new level. Quiplash released yesterday, and is available for $9.99 on Xbox One through the Xbox Games Store; the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment systems via the PlayStation®Store; Windows and Mac through Steam; and the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

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Quiplash is the perfect party game, with up to eight of your best friends competing against each other in a sort of “live-action” mad libs meets Cards Against Humanity style gameplay. Open ended questions appear on the screen, and the best response (hilariously innacurate or offensively tasteless) is voted on by the group. One of the coolest features of Quiplash is that the game only requires one person to own it. The other friends can play via mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc as controllers via, specifically set up for this game. In a twitch style manner, allows up to 10,000 spectators/viewers to join the fun as your audience, and also take part in the voting process on the best answers.

You can check Jackbox Games weekly streams every Friday at 2PM CST on their twitch page!

If you’re looking for a good party game, give Quiplash! a chance.

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-Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)