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Halo 5 Releases October 2015!

Halo 5: Guardians is coming out in October of 2015. October 27th to be exact. Check out this video on YouTube for more information.

Clearly we’re seeing another teaser bit of information that continues to beg the question, “What the hell is going on?” but we’ll just have to wait till either more information is released to us, or ponder for several months. This is for certain, the Master Chief may not be the hero we think he is. But seriously though, he has to be the hero. It can’t end like this….if it ends with Halo 5 that is.

*Update: I guess I missed this video, basically the reverse side of the coin, with the Master Chief as the “victor” and the Spartan “Locke” (I think that’s what he’s saying) at the foot of the statue. Now I’m wondering if you get to play the game from both sides of the coin aka two outcomes. Interesting.

https://amp.twimg.com/v/2161bd3a-76aa-48db-b6d4-ae31bcf65de1 <– Link to the additional video from Xbox’s twitter page.

-Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)

Source: Xbox YouTube | Xbox Twitter