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Ep 4 – Halo MCC, Andrew Hates the X1 Dashboard, and Other Stuff

Episode 4 – 11/13/14. Andrew starts off by chatting while playing Halo MCC online (a shocker I know!) and then goes on to talk about the Xbox One in general, and not general. He also hates the dashboard live tiles. Also Mike talks about game glitches and some other stuff.

Shoutout: @craigums – Craig K, one of the coolest dudes ever who also works for @AbleGamers, our second shoutout. AbleGamers is a charity organization that helps disabled gamers by working with developers to help make accesseibility options in games, as well as design and build custom controllers for gamers with mobility issues. They’re a great group of people and they’re well deserving of our shoutout this week. Please check out their twitter and website.

The Amazon Review on AC: Unity we were talking about. Turns out Craig didn’t pen it, unless he ghost writes his Amazon reviews? Either way it’s hilarious so check it out.


TheDGCast (Andrew & Mike)