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Ep 85 – Catch-Up, What We’ve Been Playing, SNES Mini & E3

Episode 85. June 26th, 2017.

It’s a long time coming since we last did a podcast. Just about 2 months basically, and we’re sorry. We spend the first bit of time talking catch-up about work and life, and why we’re having trouble with maintaining a consistent schedule. Andrew talks about his internal struggle about streaming versus the hustle and bustle of everything, and how that affects the content creation here. Second topic of the episode is what we’ve been playing. A mix of games on both sides, Killing Floor 2 (PS4 Plus freebie in June), Breath of the Wild on Switch, and Cryptark on Steam (also coming to PS4 as well). Mike was rolling KF2 as well, plus Final Fantasy and also Cave Story.

WE CALLED THIS HERE AND NOW ABOUT A MONTH AGO. Super Nintendo Classic, Mini, re-issue edition, etc. Nintendo is making the SNES Classic, just like they had done with the NES Classic. This one is going to run you $79.99 with a big draw that it has Star Fox 2, a never released game that’s probably already been emulated tons of times in the past. It’s also got Secret of Mana and Earthbound, Super Castlevania IV and some other rad games too. We discuss the perks, but also that you could easily build your own (full disclosure: there are legalities permitting on the usage of ROMs btw.)

Last topic was E3. Andrew attended E3 and wrote about his experience here, but just talks again in the same light about that depending on what your intentions are when you attend E3 (or plan to in the future) to just sort of temper your expectations. It’s obviously fine if you’re going in with the goal to see or play one or two particular titles, but don’t necessarily expect to receive open arms from developers or media types at booths if you’re trying to get the scoop for your smaller gaming outlet or stream/YouTube channel/etc. Your mileage may vary. 

That said, it’s a pleasure to see that there are still downloads every month on the podcast, and we really appreciate your listenership. We are in the process of trying to connect to the Google Play store as well so if you’re not on the iTunes podcast you’ll have an additional opportunity to check it out.

Feel free to send any comments, questions, concerns to @thedgcast or Andrew @Soafterisaid /Mike @mtong1 (don’t follow him though). 


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