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Watch Dogs 2 Confirmed, November Release Date

So if you hadn’t already seen, Watch Dogs 2 has been confirmed in a pre-E3 announcement. Icing on the cake for those of you that enjoyed the first? It’s releasing in November 15th of THIS YEAR (11/15/2016).

Playstation Blog has a “5 Things You Need to Know about Watch Dogs 2,” which helps explain how the two games are connected. You’re taking over a new character in San Fransisco, and continuing the same type of work that Aiden did in the first game. To give you a little background on your character, see below (from PS Blog):

“You’ll play as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker who’s been wrongly accused by ctOS 2.0 of a crime he didn’t commit. He’s a charming, funny guy but also a passionate idealist who wants to give back control to the people. He’ll join the San Francisco cell of DedSec, and only with the combined power of his new hacker family and community will he be able to take on a corrupt establishment and achieve his goals.”

So basically you’re in San Fransisco, the ctOS system has been spread across the country, and hacking/stealing and selling information is now fair game for anyone. The trailer shown by Ubisoft shows off how much attention to detail has gone into rebuilding San Fran, and the visuals look amazing. Let’s not forget that the visuals from the original Watch Dogs trailers look nothing like the finished game, but with a launch date less in 6 months you have to take it on faith that they’re showing in-game footage that won’t be downgraded before release.

Ubisoft did a world premiere livestream video which can be seen below (skip to about 2:30 to see the cinematic reveal)

So, the game looks pretty good, and it does look better than the first iteration. Hopefully they really did take to heart the feedback about the first game and fixed all those issues. What do you think? Is this going on your pre-order list or will you wait it out and see if Ubisoft has truly learned from their past mistakes?

Source: PlayStation Blog | Ubisoft YouTube

-Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)