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Ep 69 – Uncharted 4 Post-Game Spoilers Discussion

Episode 69. May 18th, 2016. Our Uncharted 4 post game completion (aside from Mike not having actually finished it but knows what happened) discussion. We talk about what we liked, what we didn’t, etc. Story aspects that could be better, characters/villains we loved and hated, all that good stuff.

Also, we may be changing up the podcast to once every other week (so 2 per month instead of 4) as our personal lives have started to occupy more time than we can dedicate to consistently bringing you quality content. So bear with us as we adjust to schedules.

Shoutouts this week is everyone at Naughty Dog & VOs for Uncharted 4, not limited to but including the following:

Warren Kole | Nolan North | Troy Baker | Emily Rose | Laura Bailey

Again, thanks to everyone for tuning in and checking out the twitch streams, watching our youtube videos, and listening to the podcast. 😀


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