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Catlateral Damage Available Meow!

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BE A CAT! Swipe stuff on shelves! Destroy expensive pottery! Meow!

Catlateral Damage, the super fun and exciting new game from Fire Hose Games and Chris Chung now allows you to be a cat. Think of it as Cat Simulator, except it’s not about sleeping on a windowsill all day. Catlateral Damage focuses on the fun part about being a cat….utter destruction of everything, everywhere! Swipe things off shelves with your paws, break dishes, knock books and DVDs off of tables, anything. 

The houses in-game are procedurally generated, so basically you’ll have an endless supply of things to knock over with your paws. There are unlockable cats and power ups, and even real life cat pictures to unlock in game! Your main “weapons” are paws, so swipe away and break stuff to your hearts content. 

catlateral damage, cat damage, kitten simulator game, steamplay, fire hose games, indie game, gamedev,

It’s available now on Steam (PC, Mac, and Linux, with OUYA on the way as well) and at $8.99 (10% Discount til June 3rd) it’s a steal at twice the price. Also, if you needed another reason to get this game, the press release they sent out was just “meow meow meow, etc.” which just shows how awesome they are over at Fire Hose Games.

Buy Catlateral Damage on Steam Today!

-Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)

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