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Ep 14 – The Order Again, Handhelds, Pax East, and the Shareplay Bandit!

Episode 14. March 1st, 2015. Andrew and Mike revisit The Order: 1886 to talk about everyones feelings after they’ve had time to sink into the game a bit. They also discuss handhelds (Nintendo 3DS and the PSVita) and what they like about them and multiplayer aspects of the devices. Andrew goes on about PAX East again but more along the lines of taking the trip and preparing yourself, and Mike also chimes in on his experiences at anime conventions as well.

We end off talking about the SharePlay Bandit, who if you’re interested in reading the full article on Game Informer, an 11-yr old’s Destiny files were deleted via SharePlay and we talk about why we have issues with the whole thing.


@MaverickGamersX – Andrew’s friend Heather runs a gaming website and you should really check it out. They do news and reviews on all sorts of great stuff.

@DollsClan – An all girls clan that plays Call of Duty and Destiny on PS4. If you’re a female gamer who plays these FPS’ you should give them a follow!

@KrystiPryde – Krysti has been shouted out before but we decided to shout her out again cause she’s awesome and loves Metal Gear Solid.

@VendorTrashing – Krysti’s new (soon to be live) clothing store! She’s got some cool gaming/nerd inspired designed clothing for your body. Check it out.

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-Andrew and Mike, The Disconnected Gamers Podcast