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BATTLECREW Space Pirates Closed Beta Is Live

Looking for a new game to check out over the weekend? Well DONTNOD Eleven (you know them from games like Remember Me, or more recently Life is Strange) has a new game on the horizon. That’s a totally unintentional pun, as the game is called BATTLECREW Space Pirates, and takes place in space. Horizon. Space. Nevermind…

So, what you need to know: BATTLECREW Space Pirates is in closed beta from January 19th through the 22nd. The game takes place in an original Space Pirates universe, where you can control a variety of heroes with their own unique characteristics and skillsets. The weekend closed beta will give you the chance to check out 5 different maps on 2 different competitive multiplayer modes. The two modes are Gold Rush and Team Deathmatch. TDM will be available exclusively during the closed beta, but won’t be available until a later update (a free one mind you.)

A big plus of this closed beta will be the ability to create squads and invite your friends. This will allow friends to band together to create a team of space pirates and run through BATTLECREW Space Pirates together. The Early Access phase which will start at the end of January will provide additional content via maps and skins, added based on player goals. Things like community challenges, crowd “unlocks,” time based events and updates, as well as polling the community. As the team continues to improve the game over the Early Access period, enhancements and updates will be made to improve the game with your input.

Interested in the game? Check out the website here. If you want to sign up for the beta?

Want to help improve the game? Take advantage of the BATTLECREW Space Pirates forums on Steam and report any bugs, issues, or provide positive feedback about the game here.

Source: Home Run PR

Written by: Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)