PAX East 2016: Tumblestone

Puzzle games are always fun, but when they’re competitive….lets go! With an expansive single player mode and multiplayer game modes, this game has a lot to offer.

So Tumblestone is an amazing puzzle game almost like an inverted Tetris meets Snood meets color matching game. Theres a story mode with somewhere like 300+ levels, each progressively getting more challenging and varying modes of play. Match the blocks to eliminate them but depending on game mode, you may have to match by a certain set of rules. Generally, match three of the same color to eliminate the blocks. Match quickly as the blocks lower towards the bottom of the screen or else you’ll lose (hence the upside-down Tetris reference).

I played several matches of multiplayer against some fellow PAX-goers and man the skill involved is crazy. What was more fun was that some patterns just seem to hit others faster because one match would be no contest to one player, but then they’d be fumbling like crazy on the next one. I managed to win a handful (probably like 2/10) games in multiplayer but damn if it wasn’t super fun. I also spent a good amount of time checking out single player. With an overworld map similar to Super Mario Bros 3, you get a new puzzle each time, and every so often there will be a “castle” level which basically is a harder puzzle with certain modifiers on it. One of the puzzles I did was match 3 colors, but you can’t match the same color twice in a row. That means if I have a huge area of yellow blocks and only some blue, I need to make sure I go three yellow, three blue, then back to yellow. Another modifier was that you needed to successfully complete three puzzles in a row without messing up at all. Mess up ONE thing (i.e. box yourself in color-wise) and boom you’re back to the first puzzle. And on top of that, the puzzles rotate as you do them, so you’re not going to be able to memorize the pattern to cruise through it. 

Final Thoughts: Man was I impressed with the single player of this game. As a person who does seem to enjoy the mind-game of a good puzzle, I really can see myself sitting down and playing this for hours. At the same token, I can also see myself playing one or two puzzles between work, or a call, or waiting at the DMV or something. It’s given to you in a way that you can take it in small bites or just dive right into it. The multiplayer? Oh man what a fun way to play against your friends, and not only does it have local multi, but it has online multiplayer as well. Huge win in my book, as I generally only ever have groups of people to play with in person at events like PAX. It’s a really fun game and I think if you like Tetris, you’ll probably like this too.

For more info, check out the Tumblestone website

Tumblestone on Steam

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-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)