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TinyBuild Releases One Troll Army for Free

TinyBuild is a great example of going “all-in” on their ideas. When Punch Club released, it was only after twitch was able to beat the game live. Their newest launch, One Troll Army, is releasing for FREE because twitch was able to beat them at their own game.  So One Troll Army is a tower […]

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PAX South: TinyBuild to Publish ClusterTruck

Announced from the showfloor at PAX South, tinyBuild will be publishing ClusterTruck by Landfall Games. ClusterTruck is a physics-based truckformer. You’ll jump through levels with a “floor is lava” type gameplay, jumping over speeding trucks. The trick is that the trucks are driven by terrible drivers, so they’re all over the place. To add insult […]

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TinyBuild To Release Four Games in Four Days

TinyBuild, most recently known for their work publishing Punch Club, will be celebrating “four-nification week” this week. What does that mean? Well, they’re going to be releasing four new games over the course of four days, starting today. TinyBuild has provided teaser clips of each game, and put up a timer on their website here […]

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Lovely Planet Coming to Xbox One in January

Lovely Planet, the lovely little speedrunning shooter from TinyBuild is coming to Xbox One on January 8th. You can pre-order (Note: Yes, that’s the GB store not the Xbox US store, trust me I don’t know why it would not re-direct to the US store even after manually changing the web address in browser) it now if […]

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Review: Party Hard (PC)

Party Hard……or Die Trying! Just kidding, in Party Hard you actually play the “good” bad guy. Well, if you consider quieting down that noisy party that’s been going on next door for hours and it’s 3 in the morning and you want to sleep by killing everyone there…then yes, you are very much the good […]