Dual Universe Pre-Alpha Goes Live Next Month

Dual Universe, the MMO from Novaquark is set to go into Pre-Alpha for backers at the end of September. This expansive sci-fi MMO seeks to create an incredible universe for players to have countless ways to create and drive content within the game. After nearly completing it’s first critical phase of development, they have decided […]

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Dual Universe Hits Kickstarter Today!

Dual Universe, the incredibly expansive space/creation/sandbox game is launching to KickStarter. After seeing a working build of the game at PAX West this weekend, I can tell you that fans of sci-fi exploration games will want to keep this on their radar. The game takes the exploration aspects of games like EVE Online, and then pairs […]


ZergID MMO Network Hits A Half-Million Users!

ZergID, the MMO Social Media Network has reached over a half million users with 750,000 characters applied to those accounts. That’s huge considering that it’s still in beta, and it’s only been out about one year. If you didn’t know, ZergID allows you to easily manage your multiple MMO accounts, and quickly and easily organize […]

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ZergID Makes Guild Management Easy

ZergID is an MMORPG management website, and it’s growing fast. Basically, ZergID acts to help consolidate your MMO game profiles into one place, so you can quickly and easily connect with your guilds, raid groups, and friends across multiple games. It makes organizing group events easier, and also saves you the trouble of searching multiple […]