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Poly Bridge to Launch July 12th

Poly Bridge is launching July 12th, after over 160,000 Early Access players enjoyed the game via Steam. It’s playful art style, relaxing music, and challenging “puzzles” work together in a way that makes it fun for all ages. Constructing bridges using limited amounts of materials (based on each levels restrictions) means sometimes you have to […]

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New DLC Content for Killing Floor 2

Co-op sci-fi horror/first person shooter game Killing Floor 2 gets it’s newest content update this past Friday. The content pack titled Revenge of the Zeds includes the long awaited Versus Survival PvP (player versus player) game mode which allows players to control the deadly Zeds, something previously unavailable.  There are over 10 dangerous Zed characters […]

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Zombie Hunter, Inc. Now on Steam Early Access

Zombie Hunter, Inc. is now available via Steam Early Access. The release covers the multiplayer “Survival” mode, which has a slightly different take on your wave based shooter. Instead of the more progressive styled leveling up systems, Zombie Hunter, Inc. allows players to choose their loadout from the beginning of each round, changing up the […]

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20XX Out of Alpha, Now in Beta on Steam!

20XX, the Roguelike Mega-Man co-op game is officially out of Alpha! Heading into the Beta, a number of changes and upgrades to the game have been made. Since my experience with in in Early Access on steam, I’ve been able to play through several variations of the levels as both characters, with varying rates of […]