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Catlateral Damage available on PS4 Today

Meow Available! Catlateral Damage is now out for PlayStation 4! You can snag it on the PSN Store on your console or from the web store.¬†We recently did a few Let’s Play videos on our YouTube, I’ve embedded one below for your Meowmusement. Enjoy. -Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)

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Catlateral Damage Coming to PS4

Catlateral Damage, the adorable cat game is now coming to PlayStation 4 on March 22nd. See our first report¬†about the game’s release on Steam last May. Also Chris Chung, the developer, posted about it on the PlayStation Blog as well! The short and sweet of it is MEOW! You get to play as a cat! […]

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Catlateral Damage Available Meow!

BE A CAT! Swipe stuff on shelves! Destroy expensive pottery! Meow! Catlateral Damage, the super fun and exciting new game from Fire Hose Games and Chris Chung now allows you to be a cat. Think of it as Cat Simulator, except it’s not about sleeping on a windowsill all day. Catlateral Damage focuses on the […]