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Hyrule Warriors: Legends Now Available on 3DS

Huh! Heh! Hi-yaaaaaHHHH! Hyrule Warriors: Legends is now out on Nintendo 3DS! Big fan of the Zelda series? Perhaps also a fan of games like Dynasty Warriors? Well now just take the two and put them together. That’s a super super simple way of explaining it, but Hyrule Warriors allows you to play as characters […]

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New Pokemon Games Sun & Moon Announced

Well, turns out it’s been 20 years since we started catching our first Pokémon (20yrs since Pokémon Red/Green released in Japan). That’s a weird thought that before I was 10 years old I was playing Pokémon Red on my (then) matching Red original Game Boy. While I personally have lost track with all of the […]

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Etrian Mystery Dungeon is Coming Soon!

The full trailer for Etrian Mystery Dungeon has gone live! About the game: “Etrian Mystery Dungeon is the roguelike RPG from Atlus and Spike Chunsoft that combines the character classes and skill trees of the Etrian Odyssey series with the roguelike nature and exploration of the Mystery Dungeon series in a tense, near-infinite dungeon exploring/looting […]

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Post PAX East 2015 Catch-Up

I know I haven’t written much about PAX East for the DGCast, but fear not; I wrote a whole bunch of “First Look” pieces over at RadioPlayStation. I figured I’d give you a small write up about the games I saw at PAX and a small quip about what I think of them. Let’s go! […]