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Punch Club Breaks $1m in Sales

Punch Club, the newest boxing “simulator” game published by tinyBuild hits the $1 million sales mark, netting over 100,000 sales across it’s Steam and iOS versions. Made by Lazy Bear Games, a Russian developer, Punch Club released to Steam only after it was beaten by twitch with a “twitchplays” run that took only a few […]

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Zombie Hunter, Inc. Now on Steam Early Access

Zombie Hunter, Inc. is now available via Steam Early Access. The release covers the multiplayer “Survival” mode, which has a slightly different take on your wave based shooter. Instead of the more progressive styled leveling up systems, Zombie Hunter, Inc. allows players to choose their loadout from the beginning of each round, changing up the […]

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TinyBuild To Release Four Games in Four Days

TinyBuild, most recently known for their work publishing Punch Club, will be celebrating “four-nification week” this week. What does that mean? Well, they’re going to be releasing four new games over the course of four days, starting today. TinyBuild has provided teaser clips of each game, and put up a timer on their website here […]

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Move or Die Coming to Steam Jan 21st

Move or Die is a “friend ruining game.” 4-player multiplayer madness might be a better descriptor though. Move or Die revolves around the idea that each round you play the rules change. So while you might have been playing Jump Shot and won, the next round will be something entirely different, like Keep Moving or […]

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New SteelSeries Mouse To Include OLED Screen

The newest gaming mouse announced by SteelSeries, the Rival 700, includes the first customizable OLED display, tactile (vibrate) alerts, and swappable components. The Rival700 will be one of the most advanced gaming mice in the industry, with availability in Spring 2016. The OLED screen can be personalized to track in-game stats, game profiles, and set […]

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PSN Outage Affecting Multiple PlayStation Services

*Updated 10:53PM; The PlayStation Network appears to be online, however no further explanation as to the downtime of the network has been provided yet.* *Updated 5:42pm; The @AskPlayStation twitter account has posted that they are currently working on the issues.* “We are still working on resolving today’s issues with PSN. Thanks for your continued patience. For […]

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Corgi Warlock Gets An Update

Corgi Warlock is a 1-4 side scrolling action game that puts you in control of Maia the Corgi. She’s the most powerful warlock around and its up to her and her friends to defeat the evil Bunny King. The game recently got a holiday update that improved textures and overall graphics, as well as adjusting […]

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ARK: Survival Evolved on Xbox Game Preview Mid-December

ARK: Survival Evolved, the open-world/survival-action/dinosaur hunting game will be making a debut on Xbox One Game Preview next week on December 16th. For those who don’t know, Xbox Game Preview is essentially like Steam Early Access but on console. Initially launching on Steam for PC, ARK: Survival Evolved quickly broke records as everyone lined up […]


Registration Open for Black Desert Online’s First Closed Beta

The Closed Beta for Black Desert Online has just opened up for player registration. Daum Games is behind Black Desert Online, and the Closed Beta will start Wednesday, Dec 16th at 7:00 a.m. UTC, ending Tuesday December 22nd also at 7am UTC. Be sure to register soon as it will be open until December 9th. […]

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Leaping Tiger App Comes to Android Smartphones

Leaping Tiger, the gamer buddy (also known as “friends”) finding app that released on iOS in May has now come to Android! For those who don’t know, Leaping Tiger is a location-based smartphone app designed to help gamers connect with other gamers. No, not for dating, but rather for finding raid groups, co-op partners, and […]

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The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version now Available on Steam

Delirium Studios has announced that The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version is available today on Steam for Windows and Mac.  It’s a point and click adventure game, and focuses on player self-discovery as you help guide the player through everyday fears. The fears come to life as characters and puzzles in the game, and you’ll tackle them […]

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The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure Out Now!

Activision Publishing releases The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure to console and handhelds on Tuesday, November 3rd.  The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure takes you through Snoopy’s imagination as you try to track down Charlie Brown and your pals. The game has hidden secrets and Snoopy Character unlockables like Joe Cool and the Flying Ace, […]


Telltale Games brings Jackbox Party Games To Retail

Telltale Games (yes, the same ones that made The Walking Dead and Minecraft Story Mode, etc.) are bringing Jackbox Games The Jackbox Party Pack to retailers in physical form.  A straegic initiative by Telltale, they will be bringing the Party Pack to retailers in physical form and it’s available today in North America, Europe on November […]

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Dying Light The Following Expansion Set for Q1 2016

Dying Light was and is one of my sleeper hits of 2015. Techland has announced that The Following expansion to Dying Light will release within the first three months of 2016, Q1. Below is an excerpt from a message sent by producer Tymon Smektala: “So since Gamescom 2015, we revealed quite a bit about our upcoming […]


ZergID MMO Network Hits A Half-Million Users!

ZergID, the MMO Social Media Network has reached over a half million users with 750,000 characters applied to those accounts. That’s huge considering that it’s still in beta, and it’s only been out about one year. If you didn’t know, ZergID allows you to easily manage your multiple MMO accounts, and quickly and easily organize […]

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20XX Out of Alpha, Now in Beta on Steam!

20XX, the Roguelike Mega-Man co-op game is officially out of Alpha! Heading into the Beta, a number of changes and upgrades to the game have been made. Since my experience with in in Early Access on steam, I’ve been able to play through several variations of the levels as both characters, with varying rates of […]

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PAX Prime 2015 – Homefront: The Revolution Preview

This new Homefront game is definitely going to turn heads with its new open-roam style game play. Homefront: The Revolution takes players through an occupied Philadelphia as a resistance fighter. There are main story missions, but in your “off time” you can free roam the area, destroy Korean patrols for ammo and supplies, or side objectives. Similar to […]


Pax Prime 2015 – Fortified Preview (Xbox One)

Clapfoot Games is working on a new game that mixes gameplay elements from “castle defense” style games with a 3rd person shooter mentality. Taking place in the 1950s, you can play as several characters, each with their own special abilities. Fortified takes the modern shooter, adds in strategy and real-time base defense mechanics in a […]

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Pax Prime 2015 – POLLEN (Oculus Demo)

Pollen, or P.O.L.L.E.N. is a first person exploration simulation game. Designed for VR, Pollen takes you through a story in a non-traditional way thanks to VR. As taken from the Pollen website, “The story begins with you taking the role of a replacement employee for a space mechanic that has disappeared on a Saturnine moon […]