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Stikbold! Now Available on Steam!

Ahh what an amazing game that dodgeball…except this isn’t just dodgeball. Stikbold! is a Dodgeball Adventure! And it’s now available on Steam! PS4 and Xbox One available next week, but feel free to check out the announcement trailer below: Stikbold! has a story mode that is solo or co-op playable. In addition, it has a local […]

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Riptide GP: Renegade On Consoles in Q2 ’16

Vector Unit announced yesterday (March 31st) that Riptide GP: Renegade will be launching in Q2 2016 on  Xbox One & PS4, as well as Windows 10 PC, with Steam, Android, iOS, and Amazon launching shortly after. This is awesome news as my experience with Riptide GP at Pax Prime 2015 was great. The game is […]

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Hyrule Warriors: Legends Now Available on 3DS

Huh! Heh! Hi-yaaaaaHHHH! Hyrule Warriors: Legends is now out on Nintendo 3DS! Big fan of the Zelda series? Perhaps also a fan of games like Dynasty Warriors? Well now just take the two and put them together. That’s a super super simple way of explaining it, but Hyrule Warriors allows you to play as characters […]

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Catlateral Damage available on PS4 Today

Meow Available! Catlateral Damage is now out for PlayStation 4! You can snag it on the PSN Store on your console or from the web store. We recently did a few Let’s Play videos on our YouTube, I’ve embedded one below for your Meowmusement. Enjoy. -Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)

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Axiom Verge Coming to Xbox One and Wii U eShop

Axiom Verge, the highly successful retro-side scrolling shooter/exploration game will be coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U’s eShop later this year. Aside from the fact that this game is heavily influenced by some of my favorite games from the past (Contra, Metroid, Master Blaster, etc.), it allows you to take advantage of glitches […]

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Catlateral Damage Coming to PS4

Catlateral Damage, the adorable cat game is now coming to PlayStation 4 on March 22nd. See our first report about the game’s release on Steam last May. Also Chris Chung, the developer, posted about it on the PlayStation Blog as well! The short and sweet of it is MEOW! You get to play as a cat! […]

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McDROID Now Available on PS4/XBox One

McDROID was previously available on Steam but with it’s success it has now branched over to consoles. Available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this action/tower-defense game is ready for download! The following was taken from the McDROID presskit: Doggy robot McDROID and her friend, the very talkative Shuttle head back home to their […]

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Spacejacked Now Available

Spacejacked, a game we covered earlier this year on our site is now ready for launch! By ready for launch we mean it’s out and available for download on Steam. Spacejacked is available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with a price tag of $9.99 with a 10% discount for the first week ($8.99). […]

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New Pokemon Games Sun & Moon Announced

Well, turns out it’s been 20 years since we started catching our first Pokémon (20yrs since Pokémon Red/Green released in Japan). That’s a weird thought that before I was 10 years old I was playing Pokémon Red on my (then) matching Red original Game Boy. While I personally have lost track with all of the […]

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New Uncharted 4 Story Trailer Poses Lots of Questions

*Update: PlayStation has since pulled the original video and replaced the trailer with a new version replacing the image in the photograph.* The new Uncharted 4 story trailer dropped earlier this morning, and it’s already raising lots of questions for fans. Heck, even Ubisoft has jumped in because of a questionable choice in “artwork” in […]


Rocket League Now Available on Xbox One

Rocket League, the absolutely sensational soccer-meets-car-meets-havoc-meets fun game is now available on the Xbox One. Psyonix came out of nowhere with Rocket League when it launched on PS4 and PC in July of 2015. A successor to their PS3 game Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, Rocket League brought fast paced car and soccer physics into our lives and […]

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Layers of Fear Now Available

The horror game Layers of Fear has left early access and is now available on PC and Consoles (PS4, Xbox One) today! Aspyr Media and developer Bloober Team put this game together, and Bloober had this to say to all their fans: We would like to take this opportunity and thank all of our fans and […]

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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Gets New Gameplay Trailer

We already talked about Battlefleet Gothic: Armada‘s narrative in another post on our site, but check out this newly released gameplay trailer.  This trailer is short, but shows us a great deal about the different types of ships in the Chaos warfleet, as well as how some of the battle mechanics work in-game. Also we […]

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Dying Light: The Following Map is Massive

The newest expansion to Dying Light: The Following, has an enormous map. Seriously, it’s apparently larger than the original game’s map area in size. Check out the youtube video below where TechLand shows off some exploration of the new areas. So basically, get READY! The new area is 2 times the size of the original […]

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PAX South: TinyBuild to Publish ClusterTruck

Announced from the showfloor at PAX South, tinyBuild will be publishing ClusterTruck by Landfall Games. ClusterTruck is a physics-based truckformer. You’ll jump through levels with a “floor is lava” type gameplay, jumping over speeding trucks. The trick is that the trucks are driven by terrible drivers, so they’re all over the place. To add insult […]


Dungelot: Shattered Lands out now for iOS!

Dungelot: Shattered Lands is the 3rd in the Dungelot series. It’s a roguelike dungeon crawler mixed with minesweeper-esque that was well received on its initial release by two-man Russian team Red Winter. Following the industry trends, the 2nd installation in the series went free-to-play and wasn’t as successful. TinyBuild Games, the publisher that just recently helped […]

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Death By Game Show Out Now!

There’s a new contestant in town…it might be you! The name of the game is, Death by Game Show, a pop-culture fans’ dream. It’s the 26th century and being smart(er) than others is a bad thing. Droids rule the world and will subject you to challenges that will test your wit and reflexes to survive. Make […]

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Spacejacked Set for Arrival February 26th

Spacejacked looks really cool. Think tower defense but you’re Dave, the space-technician who has to keep saving his colleagues from aliens who keep abducting them. Like, hi-jacked, but in space. So Spacejacked. Using your wits you’ll build defenses and take out aliens to keep that from happening, all while jamming out to chiptunes. It has […]

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Rogue Stormers Releasing March 24th

Run’n’gun games mixed with roguelikes are usually awesome. This one, Rogue Stormers, is REALLY awesome. How awesome? So awesome that the original name DieselStormers had to change because Diesel Clothing pushed a legal argument against the name (we read the article and it makes no sense to us either). So if you like games like Contra […]