PAX West 2017: Yoku’s Island Express

Pinball is and has always been a favorite game of mine. From the mechanical aspects to how it all works, and to the dedication of players who become really great at it. I got to play a game that takes pinball and platforming, gives it an adorable style and packages it all up nicely. That game is Yoku’s Island Express.

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Yoku is a dung beetle that travels to Mokumana Island, with a new job as a postman. He pushes around a little ball (the pinball of the game) and as you platform/pinball your way through levels, you’ll solve mysteries, maybe save an old god, and make some friends along the way. Somewhere in all that, you’ll help rebuild that post-office on the island and start delivering the mail.

The game is an open-world pinball adventure, and it’s really fun to play. The pinball mechanics pair nicely with the platforming, and the level design helps to compliment both styles of gameplay. I got to play through the entire demo at the Team17 booth at PAX this weekend and I’m excited to get this on my Nintendo Switch. It’s the perfect “sit down and relax” game that won’t make you frustrated because while you will definitely have to run the pinball around and around as you wait to land that perfect shot that gets you where you need to be, you can’t really die. The music is great, the characters I encountered all seem fun and the game has a great atmosphere around it. I think on the Nintendo Switch it’ll be a fantastic addition for anyone looking for a nice game that involves a bit of skill but also lets you just sort of chill out for a bit and play a game.

The game will be available in 2018 but you can add it to your wish list on Steam here.

To get more information about the game from its developer, check out Villa Gorilla’s website.

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)