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Mystic Melee Launches Today

Mystic Melee is a super fast side-scrolling physics based platformer and it’s available TODAY!

Mystic Melee features a single player campaign and a multiplayer mode with both local and online multiplayer. The single player campaign allows you to choose from four characters you can play as in multiplayer, but each character has a abilities that will help you tackle foes and traverse through the levels. The unique abilities will become very useful as you progress through the story, so be sure to try out each one! 

The game is currently releasing to Steam Early Access, and here’s an update on that from the developer:

“Mystic Melee is currently available through early access, with 30+ single player levels available and online multiplayer fully functional. We are planning to finish the game early/mid 2018, adding more campaign (and the final chapters of the narrative), more spells, multiplayer stages, and of course, other features based on feedback from the developing fan-base. We are nearly there, mostly wanted to release on early access and gauge to see what else we can add into the game before calling it done!”

Interested? Check Mystic Melee out on the Steam Store!

Source: Serenity Forge (Twitter)

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)