Shu Gets a PS Vita Release Date

Coatsink launched Shu on PS4 and Steam last year, and they are happy to announce the release date for the PS Vita handheld will be May 23rd, 2017. In addition to the PS Vita’s release, there will also be free DLC available for Steam and PS4 throughout 2017.
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The first of several DLC updates will land on Steam today (April 14th), and includes the following new levels: Beneath the Ruins, No Turning Back, and Depths of Discovery. On May 23rd, an additional three levels will launch to Steam, alongside the release of all six levels on PS4 to help support the launch of the PS Vita version of Shu as well. In addition to the new DLC levels, there will also be an exclusive trophy area in the PS Vita version called The Refuge.
Shu is currently available on PS4 and Steam now. For more information on Shu, check out Coatsink’s website here.
Source: Coatsink Software
-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid