Ep 84 – Persona 5, NES Classic, Project Scorpio

Episode 84. April 16th, 2017. Heyo! Andrew and Mike convene for a not so exciting and special Easter edition of the Disconnected Gamers Podcast. Or for most people, a Sunday. We talk about Atlus and their strict policies on streaming Persona 5, something we briefly discussed the week prior regarding Nintendo and their handling of streaming/content creators and using their games on YouTube, Twitch, etc. We also talk about Nintendo as they have announced they won’t be shipping anymore NES Classic Consoles to North America (and possibly the other territories…) which is just a huge miss for Nintendo. Lastly we discuss what we know about Project Scorpio specification wise, and why this is an exciting moment for gamers.

Referenced Links:

http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/scorpio-vs-ps4-pro/ <– Scorpio Stats

https://www.wired.com/2017/04/nintendo-discontinuing-nes-classic-mistake/ <– Wired article about NES Classic

http://atlus.com/note-persona-5-streaming/ <– Atlus USA’s post about Persona 5

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