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PAX West Preview: Dusk

If you haven’t heard of New Blood, well then you’re probably not even trying. The indie studio is totally killing it with games like Super Galaxy Squadron EX Or perhaps you’re a fan of Rise of the Triad? I got to spend some time checking out their booth at PAX West and everything they were showing was awesome. 

New Blood has gotten bigger, faster, stronger in a very short amount of time. Now they’re working on some new projects, one of which is Dusk. It’s being developed by David Szymanski and Dave Oshry’s hair is producing it. Throw in Andrew Hulshult for the music and now you’re cooking with gas. If you’re old enough to have owned a Nokia cell phone, then you’ve probably played Quake (maybe). And if you enjoyed Quake, you’re going to love Dusk.

Dusk is a retro-inspired first person shooter that takes a lot of inspiration from the glory days of PC shooters, Quake most notably. It’s got a great arsenal of weapons ranging from single-handed to dual wielding weapons (my personal favorite was the dual pistols, even though they’re not that strong), theres a sword, rocket launcher, crossbow, shotguns, and a damn bar of soap. Yes, a bar of soap.

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First person shooters are everywhere these days, but not many take the time to really hit on what makes them great. Dusk is taking pages out of books written decades ago and kills it. A story mode will keep you occupied but endless mode will make you pull your hair out (in a good way). There’s also going to be a 1v1 mode, so you can let your friends know who’s the boss. You can even opt to bring the graphics down to what it would’ve looked like back in the day on your old Hewlett-Packard, or dare I say Packard Bell computer rocking that Pentium I processor. It’s fast, it’s gritty, the weapons are awesome, and it’s a total throwback with a new spin that I think you’ll enjoy. 

Anyways, for more info or to keep tabs on Dusk Game (which I recommend you do), follow these twitter accounts: Dave Oshry, Dusk Game, New Blood. Optionally you can keep tabs on New Blood’s website for info too. 

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)