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Dual Universe Hits Kickstarter Today!

Dual Universe, the incredibly expansive space/creation/sandbox game is launching to KickStarter.

After seeing a working build of the game at PAX West this weekend, I can tell you that fans of sci-fi exploration games will want to keep this on their radar. The game takes the exploration aspects of games like EVE Online, and then pairs it with the sandbox creation elements of a game like Minecraft or Terraria. You have the ability to take objects and elements from the world you are in, and then use them to create parts, structures, and equipment. 

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Here’s where it gets interesting: The game runs on a CSSC, and that stands for Continuous Single-Shard Cluster. Basically what that means is that everyone in the game is playing on the SAME world, at the SAME time, with no separation of instances/zones/servers/etc. So basically everyone who plays this game, is playing with everyone else who is also playing this game. It’s a wild concept and not usually found on MMOs, given the high number of players and server strain. The benefit to CSSC is it allows a near unlimited number of players to be able to freely explore the world and create simultaneously, without needing to remember who was in what server, area, etc. 

The E3 trailer for 2016 gives you a small view into the world of Dual Universe, though it really is a game you might need to see more in-action to truly understand how expansive the game really is. For more information about the game, check out their website here.

Source: NovaQuark

Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)