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Poly Bridge to Launch July 12th

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Poly Bridge is launching July 12th, after over 160,000 Early Access players enjoyed the game via Steam. It’s playful art style, relaxing music, and challenging “puzzles” work together in a way that makes it fun for all ages. Constructing bridges using limited amounts of materials (based on each levels restrictions) means sometimes you have to get creative with your design choices. 

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Successfully getting the vehicle(s) across your bridge is the name of the game, but how amazingly awesome or death defying they are is entirely up to you. Want to just build a ramp and see if you can jump it? Do it! Want to make a masterpiece bridge design using your engineering knowledge? In the words of the famous poet Shia Lebouf, “don’t let your dreams be dreams.”

Poly Bridge will leave Steam’s Early Access on July 12th, and will have more levels, improved modes, artwork improvements, as well as leaderboards and the multitude of player-created levels via sandbox mode. It also has a GIF-export feature allowing you to quickly upload your dare-devil experiments straight to the web. So far over 120,000 player replays have been uploaded and over 7,000 creations have been made via Steam Workshop. An innovative approach to twitch integration will also make the game tons of fun to watch as well. 

Watch the Early Access Trailer below:

As someone who spent a fair amount of time playing this game, I can’t stress enough how much fun it is. It’s playful but challenging. While it’s awesome to make some crazy contraptions to get from point a to point b, you still need to have some plan of action when strategizing materials, cost, and style. As an added bonus, it has some of the best instrumental music to pair with it too. Do yourself a favor and check out this game.

For more information, be sure to check out Dry Cactus’ website. The game will retail for $11.99 (USD), with support for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux as well. 

Love the in-game music? Check out Adrian Talens’ SoundCloud, the man behind the music for Poly Bridge. 

Source: Evolve PR

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)