Super Duper Party Pooper Drops On You Today!

Super Duper Party Pooper, the hilariously titled Steam game is now available! Go drop a deuce on your friends.

It’s kind of weird, but mostly hilarious and it’s ready for your Steam library. You can even add in your own music to launch turds to the beat of your own drum. Literally. So you start off by eating all the things to fill up your stomach, and then turn around, loosen that belt and let loose on some party goers for the highest score possible. With a variety of areas to poop in and a wide range of delectable foods to eat, how can you go wrong? Adding your own music is simple, and you can play to your own special playlist, or take advantage of the Steam Workshop integration to creating new characters, animations, poop styles and more! 

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The game retails for $0.99 and is available today for Steam on PC. 

Steam Page 

Developer: Rudder Games

Source: K Bros Inc. 

-Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)