PAX East 2016: Windscape

Ever wanted to play a first person adventure game like Zelda that also incorporates crafting elements like Minecraft or Terraria? Well then Windscape needs to be on your wish list. 

So essentially it’s a lovely first person exploration/adventure game that brings back memories of the old school NES days when I used to sit and play Zelda and Zelda II for hours on end. It also throws in some elements of crafting materials and weapons like Minecraft to add to the experience. Lovely story about going out on an adventure to save the world, locate items hidden in dungeons, defeat bosses, and so on. 

I got to spend a good amount of time watching the game being played by someone at the booth and then spent like 20 minutes diving into it myself. It’s really just a nice experience all around. Everything from the environment and enemies and NPCs you meet along the way seem perfectly balanced within the world, not to mention the combat too. The combat feels nice and smooth, not forced or hectic like you might expect with a “hack’n’slash” mentality depending on which Zelda game you might be referencing in your head while watching the trailer. It’s a nice slow pace that doesn’t leave you feeling like exploration becomes too cumbersome or that searching dungeons isn’t worth your while. While I didn’t face any bosses, I did fight through a number of ground and aerial enemies, collect and craft some items, and travel between different areas in the world. 

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It’s a lovely art style very polygonal meets cel-shading in a way that feels Wind-Waker but not in a way that the game doesn’t have its own identity. The variation between towns, open areas, and dungeons leaves me wondering what the other areas of the game will look like and how it will be fun to go out and explore things as you play the game.

Final Thoughts: Any game that reminds me of Zelda sparks my interest. Any game that tends to bring in elements from those games in a new and unique way (i.e. first person adventure) are great ways to tell stories without the need for harsh gimmicks. I am super excited I got to check out this game and am really excited to see this on console in the future. 

It is being developed for PC & Console, for more information keep tabs on the Windscape website or the Windscape Facebook page.

Source: HeadUp Games

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)