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PAX East 2016: Knight Squad

Oh man if you ever had friends who are like “yo we’re going to be BEST friends forever,” then don’t play Knight Squad with them. Seriously, people I didn’t even know at the booth I was screaming at when they killed me.

So Knight Squad is a top-down 8-player battle royale style game. Think of the perspective of the original Gauntlet games on NES, but you’re fighting against your friends. With a whole bunch of game modes theres endless amounts of fun.

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Here’s what I played:

Capture the Grail – Your typical “plunder” style game type. Grab the Grail in the center of the map, however once you grab it you move slower and you have an aura around you so EVERYONE KNOWS YOU HAVE IT. Do your best to bring it back to your base and collect your points, killing anything in your path.

Last Man Standing – As it sounds, battle until you’re the last one left. Again, remember that up to 8 people can be playing with you so now you’ve gotta survive against all odds (well, 1/8 really, lol) and defeat your friends. Avoid the drill power-up. 

Soul Catcher (I think it was called Soul Catcher) – Basically the way this one works is for each kill you get, a glowing orb will float around your character. That’s the soul of the enemy you just killed. You need to bring that back to your spawn point to earn points. You earn points for kills as well, but the souls give you more points. Get as many points as possible in the time allowed and win!

The game features both local co-op and online multiplayer, and on local co-op you can have up to 8 people, pending you have 8 controllers available. It’s got full controller support or you could use the keyboard if you wanted to, though it’s harder to throw a keyboard across a room when you lose. In addition to the game modes listed above, there are several other game modes, each one littered with power-ups on the map for you to use against your enemies. 

Final Thoughts: Oh man if I ever had a group of friends over for a sports game or barbecue or whatever, we’re playing this game. It’s fast paced, short games (generally under 5 minutes per game) make it an absolute blast to play against friends, because it’s all about getting as many kills/points as possible without getting taken out. While playing at PAX with strangers there was a “WHO JUST KILLED ME!?” and “OH YOU Son of a B****” during Capture the Grail. All in good fun though, as we all managed to win a few matches here and there. Super frustrating when you’re so close to winning and get stomped on by someone, but that’s kind of the whole point of the game. Fast paced, crazy hectic fun where anyone can come out of nowhere and take the lead.

If you’re at all into party games and/or multiplayer games in a single screen experience, definitely check out Knight Squad.

Steam Page for Knight Squad | Knight Squad Website

Source: Chainsawesome Games

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)