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PAX East 2016: Games You Should Check Out! (Part 2)

Hey again fellow PAX East goer (or random internet web user!)

Here is another set of games you should check out at PAX East this weekend, or really at all. But specifically these games will be AT PAX East which is why I’ve made this (and a part 1 as this is part 2) list for you to have as a reference if you’re wondering what neat games to go check out. Enjoy!

Fated, Frima Games, Booth #4236

This game is awesome. A VR only title, experience the full atmosphere of this game at PAX in their custom horse drawn carriage setup. In this 10 minute demo you’ll experience a lot of sights and sounds while interacting with the environment. Definitely worth the wait.

140, Carlsen Games, Double Fine Booth 

You dig music? How about cool and sometimes frustrating puzzles? Well then. 140 is your game. Seriously. Go through various levels and avoid the obstacles while jamming out to some fun music. Then defeat the crazy bosses! Super fun game. 

Thumper, Drool, Booth #4169

Thumper is a wild ride. Literally. Play the PSVR version if you can (the wait will be worth it) if you’re at all into fast paced, music and time based games. The speed and visuals are only enhanced by the addition of VR support and the ability to see way off into the distance about what’s heading your way totally expands the experience. With a great pair of headsets the immersion with PSVR is an absolutely crazy experience.

That’s three more games you should definitely try and check out while you’re at PAX this weekend. Super fun games and in this instance we’ve got two VR options for those who are interested in VR games. 

Have an awesome time if you’re at PAX East and if not be sure to check out the videos of these games above.

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)