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Ep 61 – Cross Network Play & Betas as Demos

Episode 61. March 14th, 2016. A day late and 3 people short of 52 free delicious snack size wing orders, Andrew and Mike re-connect with some life stuff (mostly Andrew being 103rd in line for the first 100 at a BDubs opening), car stuff, etc. Once we get that out of the way we jump into the two topics of the episode:

Topic 1: ID@Xbox Announcement at GDC revolving around the idea of “cross-network” play. This basically  means that Xbox Live could potentially (developers would have to opt into this and/or implement this) start pooling multiplayer from other networks like PSN or Wii U. This is a huge change of landscape and the future of gaming across consoles/platforms is unknown, but it’s really exciting to see how this helps us the gamers, as we are the ones who ultimately benefit from this.

Topic 2: Are Betas the new Demos? Mike brings up the question about whether or not alpha/beta launches of games are the new versions of demos. Andrew gives his best foot forward on his answer as to how betas are complements of demos, but demos should be increasingly more available as we push to an all-digital system.

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