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Punch Club Breaks $1m in Sales

Punch Club, the newest boxing “simulator” game published by tinyBuild hits the $1 million sales mark, netting over 100,000 sales across it’s Steam and iOS versions.

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Made by Lazy Bear Games, a Russian developer, Punch Club released to Steam only after it was beaten by twitch with a “twitchplays” run that took only a few days to complete. There is also an Android version in the works which will release January 28th for mobile users that aren’t on the iOS platform. What’s important to note is that it took just 10 days for Punch Club to break the $1 million mark, something many games don’t reach after weeks of being available. If you’re already playing the game, be on the lookout towards the end of February, as there is some additional content being release which will expand on the current storyline of the game. 

We’ve done a number of Let’s Plays on Punch Club if you’re interested in checking out the game, stop by our YouTube page to check them out.

Interested in Punch Club? Check it out on the Steam store!

Source: tinyBuild Games

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)