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PSN Outage Affecting Multiple PlayStation Services

*Updated 10:53PM; The PlayStation Network appears to be online, however no further explanation as to the downtime of the network has been provided yet.*

*Updated 5:42pm; The @AskPlayStation twitter account has posted that they are currently working on the issues.*

“We are still working on resolving today’s issues with PSN. Thanks for your continued patience. For current status:

Still no reported updates on what the cause of the outage is, however some speculation that it may have something to do with recent hackers who were able to hack the PS4 and apply custom Linux OS onto the console. You can find more about that on GameSpot’s website here.

psn outage, playstation network, psn, playstation4, ps4,

After seeing VG24/7 post about PSN outages affecting people, we also too have noticed the issue. This is the first outage of 2016 and it would be great if they could get this resolved quickly.

playstation 4, psn outage, playstation network

Inability to access the PlayStation Network on PS4 consoles, PSVita handhelds, the iOS PS App, as well as some user’s ability to access the PlayStation forums are being met with errors, “undergoing maintenance” notifications, etc. No word on anything from the @AskPlayStation account regarding this issue, whether intentional maintenance or another issue, so we just have to wait it out currently. playstation network, ps4, ps app ios,

We don’t have any reports of scheduled maintenance anywhere, so while it may be displaying an error of “undergoing maintenance” (we received error WS-37432-9 on our PS4), let’s just hope it’s nothing major and/or malicious that required it.

Hopefully we can update this sooner rather than later and say that all systems go, and can get back to gaming!

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)