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PAX South: TinyBuild to Publish ClusterTruck

Announced from the showfloor at PAX South, tinyBuild will be publishing ClusterTruck by Landfall Games.

ClusterTruck is a physics-based truckformer. You’ll jump through levels with a “floor is lava” type gameplay, jumping over speeding trucks. The trick is that the trucks are driven by terrible drivers, so they’re all over the place. To add insult to injury, the further along you get in the game, more objects get thrown into the mix (literally) with swinging hammers, lasers, and flamethrowers.

Game Features:

  • A campaign mode which gradually gets more and more evil 
  • Unlockable abilities such as slow motion, double jump and levitation 
  • An in-game level editor 
  • Steam workshop support for sharing player-made levels 
  • A replay system 
  • Online leader boards
  • Coming Fall 2016 to Steam

Check out the pre-alpha trailer below:

Want to play in the beta? Sign-ups are now open here.

Steam Page for ClusterTruck

Source: tinyBuild

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)