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New SteelSeries Mouse To Include OLED Screen

The newest gaming mouse announced by SteelSeries, the Rival 700, includes the first customizable OLED display, tactile (vibrate) alerts, and swappable components. The Rival700 will be one of the most advanced gaming mice in the industry, with availability in Spring 2016.

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The OLED screen can be personalized to track in-game stats, game profiles, and set up custom profiles and animations using SteelSeries Engine. It also features tactile alerts so you can physically feel in-game events, such as special attacks being ready to use in certain games, etc. The tactile alerts will provide this information to the user without compromising the precision or accuracy of the mouse. Alerts can even be customized for tactile feedback on health status as well.

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Mice Features:

  • Like all SteelSeries Rival mice, the Rival 700 has zero hardware acceleration and an optical sensor that offers gamers true 1:1 tracking accuracy.
  • Gamers can configure resolution settings up to 16,000 counts per inch (CPI) and down to one millisecond of customizable response time, equaling zero lag time. 
  • The sensor has the ability to accurately track movement speeds of up to 300 inches per second at 50g of acceleration.
  • The Rival 700 has a removable sensor module, allowing gamers to swap to a laser sensor or other future options.

The Rival 700 also features 7 buttons, full RGB color illumination. It also has swappable sensors to upgrade with newer lasers in the future, without having to purchase a new mouse entirely. It will be available in Spring 2016 with an MSRP of $99.99. The optional sensors and mouse covers will also be available Spring 2016 as well.

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For more information, images, and product details, check out the Rival 700 page on SteelSeries website.

Source: Sandbox Strategies

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)