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Dying Light: The Following Map is Massive

The newest expansion to Dying Light: The Following, has an enormous map. Seriously, it’s apparently larger than the original game’s map area in size. Check out the youtube video below where TechLand shows off some exploration of the new areas.

So basically, get READY! The new area is 2 times the size of the original game, which means there will be no shortage of things to do. Other things to note:

  • New weapons: Uzi (Sub-machine gun), Crossbow, and more
  • Dune Buggy defenses: Flamethrower, Electric Shock, Mounted guns
  • New missions, new objectives, and new enemies

February 9th is how long you have to get yourself ready for The Following, so be sure to gear up and grab a friend…you might not make it on your own.

TechLand Website

Dying Light on Steam / PS4 (Demo Available) / Xbox

Source: Evolve PR

-Written by Andrew(@SoAfterISaid)