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Ep 43 – Game Sales & How Do They Make Money?

Episode 43. November 1st, 2015. Mike and Andrew talk game sales this week, focusing on how yearly sales or total sales across platforms on games affects developers. Focusing on MGS V & Konami, GTA V, Minecraft, Driveclub, and a few other titles along the way, we discuss the copies sold vs. estimated cost to make the game. Speculation of course across the board, aside from the copies sold we can gather from various news sources, we discuss how it must affect devs when they can’t seem to sell enough copies, or in The Witcher 3’s case, how they managed to do extremely well with that particular game in the series. Again, keep in mind that we (Andrew) makes a bunch of assumptions and it’s all based on our ideas + what we gather from things like NPD reports and VGCharts and other news websites that report on copies shipped of games. 

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