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Ep 42 – Yearly Game Releases & a New, More Powerful PS4?

Episode 42. October 25th, 2015. Mike and Andrew bring two good topics to the table for a lengthy discussion. Mike’s curious about the pitfalls of yearly releases, specifically focusing on Ubisoft and the Assassin’s Creed series. Does yearly releases of games benefit them more than it hurts them? We compare it to the CoD series + Halo as well. Andrew’s topic comes from a GameSpot article talking about an interview with an SCE VP talking about the potential for a future “more powerful” PS4. Now that the PS4 (and Xbox One) are more like PCs, the possibility exists to simply release a model with more power. Is this a good idea? We talk about the potential issues and reference the old school consoles that had “expansion” based add-ons (N64 and Sega 32X) and how those affected the platforms.

Shoutout to @TelltaleGames again, just cause Minecraft Story Mode is still awesome.

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