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Ep 39 – Realtalk: Nerd Culture and Being a Decent Person

Episode 39. September 27th, 2015. Nerd Culture has made major headway in the last decade, but still gets a bad rap. Recently a friend made a joke that just didn’t sit well with Andrew, regarding “nerd” culture. Why do we find the need to criticize the nerd/geek because they like Marvel, Pokemon, Mario, or any other type of “nerd” content? Being a “nerd,” “geek,” or “gamer” puts us all under the same roof, so it’s odd to need to criticize others who just happen to like a different nerd/geek/gamer subject matter. It’s frustrating. We talk about that first, and venture into a bunch of other different topics, but ultimately end on the idea that there is no benefit to being a complete ass. Enjoy. P.S. Yes we know Andrew is a giant pain in the ass most of the time. We’re working on that. 😛

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